Monday, March 28, 2016


Impression of yesterday afternoon at Eemshaven, the early migrants start to arrive! The few bushes left in the area were occupied by many Robins, Chiffchaff and few Song Thrush, Redwing, Goldcrest and Firecrest, and some of them were confiding tame.

Chiffchaff with 2 Robins in the background
This Chiffchaff appeared very grey, almost like a Garden Warbler. The bird did not call so cannot be identified with certainty but it looks very Siberian.
same bird, note the blackish feet
Firecrest is always nice!
different bird in better light
note the flaming colour of the centre crown
same bird
and then 2 Cranes approached from the south, luckily they could gain some height before crossing the windmills
Cranes really do not like flying over the sea but the strong southern wind forced them to cross the Wadden Sea. They left towards Borkum

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Days are getting longer and the sun feels warm again, spring is coming! I have not been birding a lot but did see a Barn Owl in my barn. Even more surprising was a Bittern that flew over the garden last week! I had never heard the barking flight-call before but it is very typical. Today Song Thrush claimed my garden again, there were 2 singing together in what seemed a song battle. Maybe that is why he ignored me, never saw them this tame (outside Helgoland that is:-)
in the plum tree, only few meters distance
these birds produce a lot of sound!
ambitious branch collecting
more realistic sized branch:-)

Meanwhile in the front garden... I collected some 7m3 of firewood last week, including some really big trunks. halfway cutting and splitting now.

And a picture from a boat trip on IJsselmeer last weekend; bird island the Kreupel. The birding trip was organised by Fogol and included several talks and pitches about nature restoration around IJsselmeer, and I was invited to present the FishMigrationRiver. Bird island the Kreupel has been constructed some 10 years ago and is a real bird-magnet. It is situated several kilometers from the coast so only visible by boat. We saw huge numbers of Scaup and several other species of duck. The Velvet Scooter was the bird of the day