Monday, September 22, 2014


Again almost a month ago:-) An end of August visit to Switserland with 2 birding goals;

Day 1: The Bodensee has become a reliable place to see Long-tailed Skua's in this time of year. You need to hire a boat to get to the centre of this huge lake, and so we did. Despite of extensive chumming we did not find a single skua, but enjoyed a first-winter Mediteranean Gull.
Day 2: End of August you cannot miss Dotterel on Cassonsgrat. The high (2800m) plains are a very attractive stop-over site for this beautifull wader. You need to take 3 impressive cableways to get there, and so we did. 2 Golden Eagles and 3 Nutcrackers on the way were promising but on the top we had to conclude that there were no Dotterels. Compensation was found in a large flock of Ptarmigans, they gave a great show. Furthermore there were several large flocks of Alpine Accentors, and Alpine Chough of course.
Dotterel habitat

better luck next time!


Time flies, as our visit to Rottumerplaat is almost a month ago, but I still remember a lot of rain:-)
Do not believe people who claim that there is no real nature in the Netherlands.
welcome committee
base station
this one lasted for at least half an hour, wet
feeding frenzy of Black-headed Gulls in a tidal gully
adult Little Tern
the tower
checking for migrants
Knots, one of the special birds of the island
slightly cropped
migrant Common Wheatear
night view of Borkum